Monday, March 24, 2008

Contest on Plotmonkeys

Author Julie Leto's new novel, Phantom Pleasures, is soon to be released.   To celebrate, she's hosting a contest on Plot Monkeys.  ( )  For the next seven days, starting today, she will post an excerpt from her book.   You are invited to stop by, read, and leave a comment.   She will choose one person from the list of comments each day to receive a #20 Borders/Amazon gift card.   That's seven gift cards! (So glad that B.S. in Accounting hasn't gone to waste!)

I stopped by to read the first excerpt.   It's a mix of contemporary and historical with a heavy dose of paranormal and a good dose of heat.   This won't be for everyone, but I'm hooked.

Julie is a member of TARA, and she's a sharp and funny woman.   I'm looking forward to reading all of Phantom Pleasures myself.

Phantom Pleasures (Signet Eclipse)