Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Husband

My Husband
(For Guy, with grateful appreciation to Dean Koontz)

Years ago, you captured my heart with a kiss.
You bound it to yours with dreams and passion.
But my heart is not a beast that, once vanquished,
Is forever tame.

My heart is a creature caught yet wild --
Faithful, but prone to wander.
Bind it to yours with silken chains
Of tenderness and desire.

Like other wild things
Captive, but not crushed,
My heart requires tending --
Protection and provision.

Brand my breast with the fire of your passion,
Train and nurture my heart with your love.
Create for me a peaceful habitat
Where I can thrive and grow strong,
For you are my husband.

Years ago, you took my hand in yours.
Before God and many witnesses,
We said the words.
I gave myself to you, and you, to me.

We pledged to love,
To honor and to cherish
For as long as we both draw breath.
You cleave to me. I cleave to you
For you are my husband.

My Father created me and
Gave me a will of my own.
My will is vigorous and oft
Grows wild and uncontrolled.

My will is a robust vine ungoverned.
My heart, an undressed vineyard.
I wilt in the heat of trials.
My fruits wither on the vine.

Train my wandering heart with gentleness,
Uphold me with your strength.
Bind my heart upright to you
So I will grow with grace and flourish.
For you are my husband.

Your touch is like water on parched earth.
Nothing else will slake my thirst.
Your love makes me grow beautiful.
In your safety, my harvest is abundant.

Set your seal upon my lips,
Your brand upon my breast.
Bind my heart to yours and yours alone.
Fix your mark upon me.

For while we both yet breathe,
You are my husband.

With gentle attendance
And unbridled ardor,
You aid and nourish.
You strengthen and encourage.
You provide and protect,
Cultivate and preserve.
You are my husband.

Copyright 2007 Sandra D. Coburn All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

Oh,Sandy!!! This is beautiful!!! Trying to become a writer??? I would say that you already are! Love, Dee

C.L. Wilson said...

This is beautiful, Sandy! I would love to have you join the poetry contest for my next Fading Lands books. See www.clwilson.com under Poetry and Legends. Your lovely verse puts mine to shame :)


Chanticleer said...


Thank you!

Chanticleer said...


Thank you. I'll look for your poetry contest. I cant wait for your next Fading Lands book to hit the shelves.